Retired Teachers Organization

Yarmouth/Argyle Branch

The Yarmouth/Argyle Branch is one of over twenty branches of the Nova Scotia Retired Teachers Organization. The Yarmouth/Argyle Branch consists about two hundred thirty retired teachers who taught mainly with the Argyle, Yarmouth and/or Tri-County School Boards. Any retired teacher or spouse of a deceased retired teacher may join the RTO.

The Yarmouth/Argyle Branch has three luncheon meetings a year, has a newsletter published four times a year and hosts many activities for its members. It also makes an effort to keep its members up-to-date of current rules, regulations and benefits that may affect them with their pensions and/or health plans.

The Yarmouth/Argyle Branch of the Nova Scotia Retired Teachers Organization (RTO) supports the aims of the Nova Scotia RTO which are:

  • To maintain and increase professional and social contacts.
  • To keep informed on subjects of education development.
  • To maintain a liaison with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, (NSTU).
  • To be a strong voice for education in Nova Scotia, speaking in support of the principles and actions of the NSTU.
  • To furnish recommendations and advice to the NSTU on matters affecting the welfare of retired teachers.
  • To be knowledgeable of the rights and benefits of retired teachers.
  • To have authority to appoint representatives to provincial and national non-teacher bodies whose specific mandate is to promote the interests of retirees.
  • To keep the NSTU apprised of representations made to external organizations, agencies or departments on all exclusive of NSTU policy issues.

News & Downloads

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Ron Cox - Communications
Sharon Sullivan - Phone Committee
Milton Fraser - Treasurer
Wendy Woodworth - RTO Member at Large
Marilyn MacDonald - Social Committee

Wayne LeBlanc - President
Blair Boudreau - Past President
Eileen Coady
Gary Archibald - Secretary - absent from photo Sharon Raynard - Social Committee - absent from photo

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